NOX T3 Sleep Device

Compact, Lightweight, Wireless and Simple to Use

The NOX-T3 portable sleep monitor maximizes patient comfort, without compromising clinical value

With the introduction of the NOX-T3 portable sleep monitor, CareFusion has broken years of silence in the portable sleep diagnostics market.

How? In the past we could only view the snoring signal. Today – with an audio playback feature – we can also listen to it.

Building on experience

The NOX-T3 portable sleep monitor was built from the ground up. Woven into its revolutionary design are decades of clinical and engineering excellence. With a simple design, this small and wireless sleep monitor provides a uniquely positive experience for patients and clinicians.

Convincing technology

  • Wireless Bluetooth oximeter
  • Miniaturized technology: 88 gram (0.19lb) with battery/ 79 x 63x 21 mm (3.11” x 2.48” x 0.83”)
  • Thorax and abdomen RIP effort + RIP flow – RIP phase for paradoxical breathing
  • Integrated snore microphone with true audio signal
  • No accessible connectors/ Child safety battery door

Everything a sleep monitor needs

  • Full featured type 3 device / type 4 size and complexity
  • Redundant flow signal through RIP effort, nasal cannual and CPAP check
  • Pulse transit time/sleep time
  • Wireless signals: Sp02 , pulse, snore, body position
  • Standard disposable or rechargeable batteries (AA)
  • Extended applicability: valid for pediatric, dental, cardiologist and ENT patients

Smooth workflow, smooth operation

A variety of common-sense features were designed into both the NOX-T3 portable sleep monitor including:

  • Simple patient hookup
  • Fast data download
  • Immediate study results
  • Extensive review possibilities
  • Configurable data management

To learn more about the NoxT3 sleep monitor, contact us at 1-855-749-2082.