Somnocor for Physicians

Sleep apnea: a growing public health concern

Research continues to show that the health risks of compromised sleep quality are serious and significant. Given its prevalence and risks, screening and testing for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) should be a priority. All primary care physicians should be encouraged to evaluate if their high-risk patients (diabetic, hypertensive, chronic daytime sleepiness) present additional signs and symptoms of OSA.   If they do, the Somnocor solution offers diagnosis leading to swift treatment, or clearly ruling out OSA.

Healthcare providers now have the ability to offer alternatives to the sleep lab for patients who want to take control of their health.

Providing options to you and your patients

Somnocor offers healthcare professionals a fast, simple and cost-effective option to diagnose or rule out OSA in their patients. Using the latest advancements in portable polysomnography (PSG) technology, we are able to perform safe, reliable sleep testing in the patient’s home – highly convenient at a fraction of the cost!

How it works

After appropriate candidates for testing are identified home sleep testing equipment is mailed directly to the patient’s home.

Once the study is complete and the patient has mailed the sleep device back to Somnocor, the data is carefully scored by our team of registered sleep technologists. Our board-certified sleep physicians then interpret the results before the full report is returned to you, the ordering physician, for review and treatment planning with your patient.

Problems? Solutions!

Many patients refuse to get tested for sleep apnea due to the fear of going in a laboratory for a sleep study.

  • The Somnocor option allows patients who are experiencing anxiety to get diagnosed in the comfort and convenience of their own home.
  • Certain regions in Canada have wait times of over a year for an in-laboratory sleep study.
  • Our industry-recognized, AASM-compliant test allows patients suffering from OSA to get diagnosed and treated in record times.

Find out more about how Somnocor’s home sleep testing process works.

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