How it works: Healthcare providers

How does Somnocor sleep testing work?

Somnocor’s home sleep testing program allows patients to collect the data in the comfort of their own home and receive reliable results in an efficient turnaround time.

For healthcare providers, Somnocor handles all aspects of the sleep test process from beginning to end, in four easy steps.

1. Ordering a home sleep test

We suggest that patients, do a self-screening for sleep apnea using either the Berlin Questionnaire or the Epworth Sleepiness Scale – both are validated screening tools for the evaluation of sleep apnea`s signs and symptoms. We suggest that patients bring their self-screening results to their appointment. If the patient is a candidate for an home sleep test, complete a Somnocor Physicians’ Order Form. Alternatively, the patient may have already printed out the form and brought it to his/her appointment.

2. Sending the form

The completed physicians’ order form, with demographic information including symptoms, medications and Berlin/Epworth results can be e-mailed  to Somnocor or faxed  using our toll-free number provided on the form.

3. Schedule delivery for an at-home sleep test

  • Somnocor receives the order, and processes the information into our scheduling system.
  • A Somnocor care specialist will contact the patient to verify information and schedule delivery of a home testing kit as soon as possible.
  • The at-home sleep device is shipped directly to the patient by Canada Post via priority mail, typically arriving within 2-4 days.

4. Complete test and return device

Clear and concise set-up instructions are provided with the device along with a set-up video available on our website. The patient successfully completes the test in their home and returns the device the next day by placing it in the supplied, prepaid envelope and returning it to Somnocor in the mail.

Once Somnocor receives the device, the data collected is downloaded and processed. All returned patient forms – including the medical release to your company – are scanned and posted for physician interpretation that same day.

5. Analyze/interpret data and send results

A Somnocor registered sleep technologist analyzes the data, and from our panel of board-certified sleep physicians, the results are reviewed and interpreted. A test is typically analyzed and interpreted within a few hours of receiving it. The final sleep report is faxed back to the ordering physician.

It’s that simple!

Introduce home sleep testing to your patients,practice or business operations as an alternative or complementary option to in-lab sleep testing for Obstructive Sleep Apnea or dental appliance treatment evaluation.

Want to learn more? Call 1-855-749-2082 to speak with a Somnocor customer service representative.