Somnocor for Children — Coming Soon

Does your child show any of these signs when asleep?


  • Long pauses in breathing and snoring
  • Frequent tossing and turning in the bed
  • Mouth breathing
  • Night sweats






All of these are possible signs of suffering with sleep apnea, which is now found in more and more  children. It is estimated than 1 to 4 percent of children suffer from sleep apnea, many of whom are between 2 and 8 years old. Children may eventually “grow out of” their sleep disorders. However, untreated pediatric sleep disorders, no matter how long they last, can significantly impact a child’s physical, emotional and mental health and well being.

Childhood obesity and OSA

Several recent studies show a strong association between pediatric sleep disorders and childhood obesity. Medical experts now agree that adequate, healthy sleep is as important as proper diet and sufficient exercise.


As many as 25 percent of children diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder may actually have undiagnosed OSA or other sleep disorders, and many of their learning difficulty and behavior problems can be the consequence of chronic fragmented sleep.

The Somnocor solution

Somnocor tests for obstructive sleep apnea in the convenience of your home. No travel to sleep labs, no stress, no waiting.

Your child wears a small, portable sleep monitor while he or she sleeps in their own bed. The comfortable, lightweight device features wireless technology, and is easy for you to put on and take off.

After downloading the data collected on the device, our board-certified sleep experts analyze and interpret the results before sharing them with you and your family healthcare provider.

To learn more about Somnocor’s home sleep testing for children, call 1-855-749-2082.