Somnocor for Dentists

Supporting the Growth of Sleep Apnea in the Dental Industry

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure – CPAP has traditionally been the recommended, prescribed therapy. Although CPAP is the only effective treatment for severe sleep apnea, recent studies show that the treatment compliance rates are well below 50% within the first six months.

  • Patients who are prescribed oral appliance therapy have a 96% compliance rate.

The number of sleep dentists who are able to provide custom-fabricated, FDA-cleared, oral appliances for the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring is growing to meet demand!

Dental practices like yours can take advantage of this relatively untapped market by providing your patients treatment for sleep apnea – without CPAP.

The Somnocor Solution for Dentists

To evaluate the effectiveness of oral appliance therapy, refer your patients to Somnocor. We will organize a home sleep test using the highly regarded Nox T3 device.

This FDA-approved and clinically validated multi-channel diagnostic system will collect hours of sleep-time data, leading to a comprehensive report prepared by a board-certified sleep physician. Somnocor sleep professionals, physicians and support staff will facilitate every step of your patient’s sleep study and interpretation, allowing you to focus on the most appropriate treatment plan.

How it works

  • The sleep apnea test kit is sent directly to your patient’s home. The patient performs the home sleep test at their convenience and then returns the device to Somnocor using the provided pre-paid mailer.
  • The patient’s data is downloaded, reviewed and scored by registered sleep technologists. Our board certified sleep specialists interpret the results with recommendation(s) for treatment.
  • The comprehensive sleep report is emailed directly to the dental practice for review.


Somnocor provides a complete support solution for your dental sleep apnea practice with convenient, easy screening and accurate diagnostic evaluations.

  1. No capital investment in devices or disposable sensors
  2. Minimal burden on your internal staff and resources
  3. Matches fluctuating patient volumes — no excess device inventory or shortages
  4. Time effective and convenient for all patients (seniors, parents, shift-workers, rural residents, etc.)

Find out more about how Somnocor’s home sleep testing process works.

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