How it works: Patients

How does Somnocor sleep testing work?

For patients/self-referral

You can order a Somnocor home sleep test in just five easy steps.

1. Screen yourself

To do a self-screening for sleep apnea, you can use one of the tools below. Both are validated screening tools for sleep apnea signs and symptoms. Just download and answer the questions on the form. You may want to print out the results of your self-screening test(s) and take them with you to your healthcare provider.

If,  based on the questionnaire, you  determine you may have symptoms of sleep apnea you should schedule an appointment and discuss your symptoms with your healthcare provider/primary care physician.

2.       Visit your healthcare provider

As with any medical diagnostic procedure, a home sleep test can be performed only by order of a physician. Your doctor should evaluate you, and your signs and symptoms of sleep apnea, before you can proceed with scheduling a home sleep test.

You may also want to download and print out a copy of Somnocor’s Physician Order Form to provide to your doctor.  They will complete the form and e-mail or fax it back to Somnocor.  A toll-free fax number is provided on the form.

3.       Schedule delivery of your home sleep test

  • Somnocor receives the order, and processes the information into our scheduling system.
  • A Somnocor care specialist will contact you to verify information and schedule the delivery of a home testing kit as soon as possible.
  • The home sleep device is shipped directly to you by Canada Post via priority mail, typically arriving within 2-4 days.

The test kit arrives at your home

The Somnocor home sleep test package includes everything necessary to successfully complete the test and return the device to Somnocor. The kit includes:

  • A pre-programmed testing device, with new batteries installed
  • Two chest belts, a cannula that is worn under your nose, and a finger sensor, all pre-connected to the home sleep testing device
  • Easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions, as well as an instructional video are available.  Somnocor Patient Support is also available 24/7 for any technical related questions, call 1-855-749-2082.
  • A pre-paid shipping envelope to return everything the following day by Canada Post regular mail

Follow the easy instructions to take the test

  • Follow the instructions and complete the home sleep test the first night after receiving the device.
  • Be sure to go through your usual/typical evening and bedtime routines to ensure you get your normal night’s sleep. This is the best way to give your doctor a true representation of what you experience each night.
  • You will go to bed at your normal bedtime, and try to stay in bed for at least 6 hours.
  • If you didn’t get at least four hours of sleep or have experienced other difficulties during your test, call Somnocor Patient Support (at the toll-free number on the instructions) to make arrangements to re-test  the next night.

4. Return device back to Somnocor the next day

The morning following your test:

  • Turn off the device
  • Re-package all sensors and the device in its case
  • Make sure all paperwork is signed and completed
  • Place the device and completed paperwork in the pre-paid envelope and drop off in your nearest mailbox or at any Canada post office.

Receive your sleep results in a few days

Somnocor typically processes your data the same day the device is received back from you. One of our board-certified sleep physicians will interpret the results.

Somnocor will send your test results to your physician as soon as it is available, on average within one business day of receipt.

Want to learn more? Call 1-855-749-2082 to speak with a Somnocor patient care specialist.