Somnocor for Hospitals & Sleep Centers

Cuts Costs and Improve Patient Care

Healthcare providers across Canada who are looking to cut costs and streamline operations are turning to home sleep studies as a viable option for their patients.

  • Somnocor’s home sleep diagnostic services are changing the Canadian sleep medicine landscape for the better
  • Patients who are suspected of OSA are receiving diagnosis and treatment in the fastest times possible.
  • Our direct to patient home sleep testing services are allowing existing sleep labs to manage operational budgets without sacrificing patient care.

Benefits for you

You can choose:

  • A customized business solution that allows you to maintain control of face-to-face patient interactions and interpretations;

— or —

  • A full-service offering with a turn-key home testing solution that includes home diagnostic testing, analysis and interpretation with report.

We alleviate the burden associated with the purchasing; shipping and maintenance of expensive home sleep testing devices and let you focus on patient care.

Let Somnocor manage your out-of-center sleep testing with a solution that:

  • Requires no capital investment in devices or disposables
  • Places minimal responsibility on your internal administrative and technical staff.
  • Matches your fluctuating patient volume — no excess device inventory and no shortages
  • Eliminates the need for device and disposables inventory management

Good to know

The Somnocor solution includes state-of-the-art sleep devices that are AASM-compliant and directly capture the data required to diagnose OSA – respiratory effort, airflow, heart rate, oximetry and snoring.

Hospitals and sleep centers across Canada can leverage Somnocor’s scale and logistical capabilities, while controlling face-to-face patient interaction and care.

Find out more about how Somnocor’s home sleep testing process works.

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